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DevOps Engineer (Azure)

by Blinkin Technologies Private Limited


Azure AWS

Job Description

You will be part of an ambitious team that has fun delivering high-reliable software to our customers.As a Cloud Engineer, you operate our SaaS and AI ecosystem. The role is a blend of system and software engineering where some coding and automation are essential. You embody the philosophies of DevOps with a greater focus on measuring and achieving reliability through engineering and operations work. You will help the team to build, ship, and operate our product and make AI accessible to bring society to the next level.

Job Requirement

  • As part of a Scrum team, you help to build a developer-friendly, reliable microservice infrastructure.
  • You promote a DevSecOps mindset within your team to own our product end to end
  • Collaborate across teams to standardise and improve product reliability and performance
  • Identify automation opportunities to gain efficiency, reliability, and scalability
  • Engage in service capacity planning and demand forecasting, incident handling, and performance analysis
  • Research and evaluate solutions for our use cases
Technical Requirements:
  • University degree in Computer Science (or related) or a proven track record as a DevOps expert
  • Strong experience with one or more cloud providers - we are using Azure Cloud
  • Deep knowledge of running and scaling microservices with a container orchestrator, expertise in Kubernetes is a plus
  • Large-scale system design exposure, in-depth understanding of UNIX/Linux, network technology, and security practices
  • Passion for software engineering and automation, solid experience in one high-level language, e.g. REACT, JavaScript, Java, PHP or similar
  • You are eager to learn, a reliable team player, and hungry for new challenges
Other Skills:
  • A knack for bench-marking
  • Optimization and scaling strategy building.
  • Able to share knowledge and capable of training others.
  • Able to ask for itself and/or give help to others when needed.
  • Should be able to challenge norms and 
Prior Experience Required:
  • Clear understanding of Azure framework and services with min 3+ years of experience in Azure or any leading cloud platform.
  • Certification in any cloud based services.
  • Agile SW development experience
  • Customer’s SW project delivery experience
  • Must have a "Builder’s mindset”
Educational Qualifications:
  • Minimum: read and write code.
  • Preferred : 3+ years exp.